Must-Know Bass Techniques [these are ESSENTIAL!!!]

This bass tutorial will show you every little thing you need to get together for optimal bass technique.

It came from questions raised by a student taking my course From Beginner To Bassist. That course teaches all the elements that make up great bass playing (including music theory, groove, fretboard knowledge, how to practice, learning tunes, reading, and more). 

His question was about technique though and how to improve it in order to be able to express himself without any frustration or barriers.

This lesson will help you if you're looking to do the same...

Here's the course if you're interested in taking your bass playing further. It comes with 80 video lessons and a PDF workbook as well as backing tracks, charts, drum loops, and more.

You own it for life with a one off subscription (or split pay where you can pay two smaller fees)

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  • Dan thank you so much for your videos and also your course ‘From Beginner to Bassist” is an absolute gem. For those of you that are thinking of taking the course but are still undecisive you must. This course is easily a $1,500.00 course with the workbook, videos, backing tracks and PDF’s! The small fee that Dan is charging is a no-brainer for anybody wanting to learn how to play the bass!

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