Bass Plucking Techniques: Everything You Need To Know

Plucking is an integral part of bass technique.

Broadly speaking, most bass players use their index and middle fingers to pluck the strings one after the other.

James Jamerson used 'The Hook' (one index finger all the time), and players like John Myung, Gary Willis, and Billy Sheehan pluck with three.

So, there's a lot you can do and it's down to you to formulate the method you like best. Traditional index, middle is a good way to go most of the time.

This lesson is broken up into the following timestamps:

00:27 Alternate plucking

01:37 Raking

04:00 Arpeggio plucking exercise

05:39 What to do if you have a hand injury/arthritis etc.

06:00 Plucking octaves

07:15 Bach style scale exercises

09:11 Speed exercise

09:47 Total freedom! Articulations and expressive techniques

Scroll down to download the exercises and shapes you can use to practise.

Bass Guitar Plucking Exercises

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