How To Get Back In GREAT (Bass) Shape

Having not played my bass for nearly two months, I find myself somewhat out of shape...

It's not a nice feeling and I've lost gains in:

  1. Technique
  2. Strength
  3. Stamina
  4. Accuracy
  5. Touch

Not good!

However, with around 10-20 minutes everyday I'm going to regain all those aspects of bass playing.

Here's how I'm going to do it and how you can improve too...

Scroll down for the free PDF of the exercise for this bass tutorial plus all the other ones I mentioned in the lesson.

G Major 7 Stamina/Strength Bass Exercise

This is the exercise I played in the intro to the lesson above. I more or less made it up on the spot and I do like to change things up.

Use this exercises, the free ones below, the ones from my free book (signup required to get the book), and any you have.

Just have a handful of go to exercises that you can work on each day.

Bass Guitar Exercises That Work!

Some of these exercises come from my book Creative Bass Technique Exercises and some are individual lessons.

Here's the book if you want to check it out (paperback, PDF, or Kindle versions).

Creative bass technique exercises dan hawkins

It's so important that you develop your technique, stamina, and strength. Bass playing is easier and far more enjoyable when you're not struggling to play the instrument.

I hope you can use the ideas and exercises in this lesson to go from strength to strength!

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  • Hi Dan, pleased to hear you are back and getting in shape again, I wish you well. I think it’ll not take you long to get back up to speed again. Great lesson and advice on “hitting the road again…running. It’s true what you say that by not playing you sort of lose something. Even songs you have played a zillion times you make mistakes on, you are bang on the money—use it or lose it. I trick I use is to make up a set list, say 6-7 songs and play them once 1-6 then 6–1. Bum notes, wrong notes, not fretting correctly or hesitations, you start again at No 1. If you struggle stop, come back tomorrow and try again. Success is no mistakes. Seems to work for me.
    Take care Dan, great to hear your back

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