3 Important Bass Guitar Practice Habits

Good practice habits are the fastest way to improve your bass playing.

This week's bass lesson focuses on three things you can do daily to master bass guitar.

They're all skills that you can gradually incorporate into your routine: 

  1. Play to a drum loop. This will focus on some of the most important aspects of bass playing: timing, feel, and groove.
  2. Learn bass lines, fills, and solos BY EAR. This is so important to learn.
  3. Consistency. Build this habit into your life and you just can't help but get better. Small improvements compound into big wins!

If you're looking to get your practice routine together and want to improve the way you go about learning bass, make sure to check out the related bass guitar lessons below.

Bass Guitar Practice Journal & Bass Guitar Notebook

Journaling your practice sessions and writing down ideas are two methods you can use to bring structure and organisation to your sessions. I have two paperback books that you might like:

If you want some more in-depth guidance, my course From Beginner To Bassist contains a whole section on exactly how (and what!) to practise.

For now though, set up a simple drum loop and play an easy groove. Sit on it for at least five minutes and relax as much as you can. Focus on timing and making it feel good.

Here are some resources that will help with this lesson:

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