Life Changing Music Practice Principles

If your approach to music practice is serious then, in time, you'll become an amazing bass player.

It's not even about practising hours and hours each day; it's about getting a few key areas right and developing the right mindset.

This lesson will show you how.

11 Principles Of Music Practice

  1. Decide what kind of musician you want to be. 
  2. Be self-aware and honest. What are your weaknesses?
  3. Become the kind of person who turns them into strengths.
  4. Deliberately focus on something you find difficult. It should be a struggle. If not, you are in your comfort zone and not getting better.
  5. Create an inspiring playing area and remove all barriers to picking up your instrument.
  6. Repeat correct movements.
  7. Schedule your practice and be consistent. Ten minutes a day is better than one hour once a week.
  8. Building a practice routine could be the most important thing you'll ever learn. 
  9. Be persistent and develop grit and determination: you will hit roadblocks but over time, you improve.
  10. Track your progress and get honest feedback; from a teacher, bandmates, friends, or by recording yourself.
  11. Figure out bass lines by ear and listen to music often. Use your new skills to immerse yourself in the beauty of the art.
  12. Finally, enjoy the journey. There are few things in life more pleasurable than music and working to master a craft.

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  • I find it helps to decide what you are going to practice the day beforehand. Then you can get strait to it when you pick up your bass

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