How To Write A Bassline: Rock

This is second in a seven-part series on how to write basslines. Here's part one, which features pop and reggae. All seven basslines come from the key of G Major. Don't worry too much if you don't understand all that stuff; I explain it in the videos and it really isn't that hard to pick up (but it is very useful to know!).

Rock Drumbeat 120 BPM

Play along to this drumbeat once you have a few ideas together. Playing simple basslines in time is one thing you should always aim for. As long as you're grooving and it feels good, any bassline you play will sound fantastic.

Rock Bass Chord Progression

Download by hovering over the toolbar at the bottom of the PDF.

Stay tuned for the next four basslines - hip hop, funk, jazz, and a 12/8 Stevie-Wonder style groove. Head here for more lessons on groove/timing and feel. For more on creating basslines go here.

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