Sort Your Timing Out! (Plus know which notes sound great…)

There's no better way to practise bass than by throwing yourself in at the deep end. Short of getting up on stage with a band, a good backing track will get you into shape in no time. This lesson features a slow tempo track with lush chords for you to improvise over.

Using this free backing track will improve your timing, feel, sense of rhythm, and knowledge of what notes to play over a chord progression.

Scroll down for the backing track.

Free Bass Guitar Backing Track (75BPM)

I wrote this backing track to include chords that will force you to play melodically but also at a tempo that will need you to engage your inner clock.

Make sure to count 1/16th notes whilst tapping your foot (I found tapping my foot in 1/8th notes beneficial) and lock in to the kick drum pattern.

The chord progression is:



  • Play just roots, matching the kick drum rhythm
  • Make sure to keep counting in 1/16ths
  • Use root, 5ths, and octaves to add some interest
  • Then use the minor pentatonic scale over the minor chords, and the major pentatonic over the major chords
  • The following modes will fit over the chords: Cm7 (C Dorian) Gm7 (G Aeolian) BbMaj7 (Bb Ionian) FMaj7 (F Ionian). Aeolian=Natural Minor scale. Ionian=Major Scale.
  • Connect the chords together using notes from the modes and the overall key of G Natural Minor (the FMaj7 does not belong to that key so use F Ionian over that one).

The following lesson go into greater detail into some of the topics you need to know:

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