The BEST Metronome Bass Groove Exercise

This bass guitar metronome exercise will improve these areas of your bass playing:

  1. Accuracy
  2. Groove
  3. Sense of rhythm
  4. Feel
  5. Overall time feel

It's a fantastic exercise for bass players!

It's all to do with halving the BPM (scroll down for the PDF and pay attention to the BPM markings above each of the four bass lines).

When you half the BPM, you feel the beats on 2 and 4 which simulates the backbeat. That sounds like the snare drum in many common drum beats.

2 +4 Metronome Bass Guitar Groove Exercises

The second bass line in the PDF above is People Everyday by Arrested Development.

Try playing along to the live version. The bass player sits on that groove for most of the song!

If you're interested in locking your bass groove down, my Funk Bass course contains 40 bass lines that require the tightest of bass playing! You'll also learn the theory, techniques, and styles of some great bass players too.

For more free bass groove lessons, check out the lessons below.

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