Master Playing Bass With Drum Loops

I write this lesson the week before Christmas and I have a present for you in the form of five live drum loops for your practice sessions.

If you've followed any of my previous lessons, you'll know I give away a backing track and/or PDF almost every week!

But these loops are amazing and can help you get in the groove as well as have fun and make up loads of cool bass lines.

Scroll down for the loops plus the scale shape PDF.

By the way, click the three dots to the right of the audio bar to download the audio. There are some browsers that don't play well with my software so if you run into problems, get in contact, and I'll send them to you.

5 Free Live Drum Loops For Bass Practice

These (and ninety five others) are taken from my Funk Bass book. They were recorded by my long time drumming buddy Jon Howells. If you or anyone else you know needs a world class drummer for a remote recording project, Jon is your man.

Drum Loop - 115BPM Funk

Drum Loop - 125BPM Funk

Drum Loop - 100BPM Chilled

Drum Loop - 100BPM Shuffle

Drum Loop - 110BPM Rock

Scale Shapes To Use When Jamming

I used a variety of scales, arpeggios, and modes, all of which you can find lessons about on this site (there's a search bar on this page).

Here are a couple of shapes I did go into a bit more detail on:

I hope you enjoyed that lesson. Drum loops can form a fun and valuable part of your practice routine. If you do want to find lessons on all the elements of great bass playing, browse subjects like groove and theory here.

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