How To Subdivide The Beat [GREAT Bass Guitar Groove]

Subdividing the beat is absolutely the key to developing rock solid groove and impeccable timing on bass guitar.

It's what we all want! This bass lesson will show you how to develop these important skills.

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How To Subdivide The Beat

It sounds simple but not every bassist does it:

You need to be tapping your foot (or nodding your head) on every beat and then dividing (COUNTING) further into 1/8th and 1/16th notes. Which of those rhythms will depend on the groove you're playing at the time.

Here's the free PDF from the lesson.

Below are another couple of lessons that will really help you improve your bass guitar groove. Your bandmates will love you for putting in the effort!

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  • Hi Dan, brilliant lesson, rhythm is one of those things that is hard to grasp, but once it all clicks it can really adds to your musicality as a bass player.
    I never really counted the rhythm, I sort of just played the music in my head with ‘do…do…/….de de…/ The gaps standing in for the rests. I found that particularly in funky grooves, I often play ghost notes or often have my finger on the string waiting for next note, or play a ghost note to get time to string skip. Putting ghost notes into a phase, especially if you are having to string skip helps to keep that rhythm.
    Thanks again
    Take care

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