Playing Bass Lines To The Kick Drum

Locking your bass line to the kick drum is a really good way of getting your bass lines to groove and to make a song sound tight. This video lesson goes through three drumbeats and how you can approach making up bass lines to them. You can also play against the kick and that's explained too. Scroll down to download the beats.

Practise Locking Your Bass To The Kick Drum

This is an 1/8th note feel rock drumbeat.

Here's a drumbeat taken from a lesson I did on Glide by Pleasure.

Lastly, we have a pop drumbeat taken from a lessson on another great bass line; Forget Me Nots played by Freddie Washington.

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  • Right on Dan, I love this stuff as it reminds me to use these tools and concentrate, get off autopilot.Maybe while you’re on the subject of locking in perhaps something on locking in with other instruments.I know that I will sometimes get in sync with the guitar when it dominates the rhythm for instance.INXS comes to mind in this regard for instance.Thanks Dan!

  • This lesson is invaluable! This is the best – important, fundamental and easy to absorb and put into action.

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