Incredible Way To Learn The Bass Fretboard!

If you want to blaze around the bass fretboard like there's no tomorrow then there's no way around it: you're going to have to memorise the neck really well.

This is an amazing method that will get you playing scales, triads, and arpeggios in three different ways. It's amazing how something so simple can lead to huge results...

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The Basic Idea

Every scale can be played starting on your first, your second, and your pinkie finger. You can then derive arpeggios, chords, and triads from those shapes.

Here's an example from the lesson using A Mixolydian. Watch this lesson for more on modes.

Starting with the second finger:

A Mixolydian For Bass Guitar - Starting with second finger

This is quite a compact little shape.

Starting with the pinkie finger:

A Mixolydian For Bass Guitar - Starting with pinkie finger

Notice how the scale notes are the same but this time they are heading to the 2nd fret.

Starting with the first finger:

A Mixolydian For Bass Guitar - Starting with firs finger

This one really opens things up. 

Be able to map out all of these shapes onto the fretboard and shift seamlessly between them. Hand shifts, slides, extended fingering, and great coordination between the hands will make it much easier. 

Add this into your practice routine until you master it then transfer it to other scales and keys!

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