10 Blues Songs For Bass Players

This is part of my Bass Guitar Syllabus post where I recommend songs in different genres to listen to (and then ultimately try and figure out by ear). Listening to good music is a form of practice and there is a lifetime of great bass playing to be learnt from these songs!

Make sure to check out the other genres.

Blues bass relies on providing the foundation for the band and many common patterns can be used over the simple chord progressions (usually based around the I IV and V chords).

These songs are all easy to play and many have one main section that goes round and round. Start with these simple songs and use them to strengthen your ear whilst aiming to play from beginning to end without stopping.

1.Green Onions

The same patterns over the famous 12 Bar Blues progression.

2. Boom Boom

Full band hits are always fun! Once you learn the chord progression, you're good to go on many blues songs.

3. La Grange

Without blues, there's no pop or rock. Blues continues to influence other styles of music.

4. Still Got The Blues

Blues comes in many forms. Here's a beautiful 12/8 minor blues. It takes discipline and great timing to play as sparsely as this. Listen to the wonderful long held notes.

5. Love Me Like A Man

Another classic blues riff.

6. The Thrill Is Gone

This is a groovy slow tempo minor blues. 

7. Little Red Rooster

Simple slow and loose blues.

8. Jailhouse Rock

Major pentatonic/Mixolydian riff. This is a ubiquitous pattern you should know.

9. Sweet Home Chicago

Different flavours of blues came from the different American regions and this is a classic Chicago feel.

10. Don't Owe You a Thang

Modern artists use the blues to create new styles and feels whilst retaining the classic heart and soul of blues.

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