5 TIPS Every Beginner Bass Player Should Know

These five areas will definitely improve your bass playing if you work on them. Scroll down for more related lessons that go into more depth.

Bass Tip 1: Hold The Bass Properly

Not holding the bass correctly is a major hinderance to your technique. This is such a simple tip that will relax your body and keep your limbs in the correct position so you can fly around the neck.

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Bass Tip 2: Learn The Minor Pentatonic Scale

This scale just sounds great in many musical situation. You can use it to work on technique, to jam, to figure out bass lines (as it figures so much in bass playing), and to make your own lines up.

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Bass Tip 3: Develop Your Rhythm

Timing is such an important part of good bass playing. Listen to your favourite players and you will notice that all the notes are placed beautifully. Your sense if rhythm and knowledge of the subdivisions of beats and bars will go a long way to getting heads bobbing when you play.

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Bass Tip 4: Learn Octaves

These are used in bass lines but can also act as points on the fretboard where you can quickly and easily identify note names. You will begin to make real sense of the bass neck with these.

5 Octave Patterns For Bass Players

5 Octave Patterns For Bass Players

Bass Tip 5: Learn Your Articulations

These can be quite difficult to execute but you need them in your life as soon as possible! Loads of great bass lines contain hammer-ons, pull-offs, bends, slides, vibrato, ghost notes etc. Once you add these into your bass lines you will notice a huge increase in magic and passion in your playing. 

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