Try this deliciously tasty bass lick!

This bass guitar lick has it all:

  • Hammer-ons
  • Pull-offs
  • 1/16th notes
  • Slides
  • A cool mode (Mixolydian)

Scroll down for the free PDF download with the notation/TAB and Mixolydian plus Major Pentatonic shapes.

Those shapes will allow you to make your own licks up.

I show you exactly how to make up your own bass guitar riffs in the bass lesson below.

Bass Guitar Lick - Notation/TAB and Scale Shapes

You need decent technique and a good working knowledge of the fretboard to be able to play stuff like this effortlessly.

There's more on those subjects in my course (From Beginner To Bassist) and you can also check out some of the free bass lessons below.

If you want to know more about bass guitar modes then watch this lesson:

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  • Hi Dan thank you for your bass classes quick question the tasty lick in E I’m confused the 14 th fret? Isn’t 16th on G string E? Idk maybe typo anyway you talked about where do you want to go as a bassist I am wanting to go the way you’ve went to play and sharpen my reading chops I am a 6 string guitarist and just started bass 6 months ago went through a few books in guitar and piano years ago but notoriously a very slow reader so thank you I’m diving into it at your recommendations
    Sincerely jim

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