Memphis Soul Stew Bass Lesson (Soul Bass Patterns, Technique & FEEL)

Tommy Cogbill was a major influence on Jaco Pastorius. It's easy to hear why when you listen to his incredible bass playing. Jaco knew who he was, but Cogbill remains a relatively unknown bassist. Despite this, he played on many songs you will definitely know.

Memohis Soul Stew was recorded for King Curtis in 1967 and features an incredibly tight soul bass line. Learn how to play it here.

Scroll down for the audio download.

Memphis Soul Stew Backing Track 

This backing track stays on E7 and doesn't go to the key change section (which I do teach in the video). Use it to practise the main groove.

Soul Bass Lessons

I filmed a few soul lessons that you'll like if you're into that kind of music (if you're not, you should be as there's so much for bass players to learn!)

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Soul Bass Patterns

Here's a PDF from a previous lesson:

The patterns used by Cogbill are these ones:

E7 Arpeggio Bass Guitar

E7 Arpeggio - The harmony of the main section is based around these chord tones

Root 5th b7 Octave Pattern for Bass

Cogbill's main line is based around these notes and those in the next diagram

Root 5th Major 6th soul bass pattern

Root 5th Major 6th: a classic soul bass pattern

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