Learn The GOOD TIMES Bass Guitar Riff [Bernard Edwards – CHIC]

In my last lesson, I played a cover of one of my favourite ever bass lines:

Good Times Bass Cover With Extra Cool Bass Fills! [Chic/Bernard Edwards]

This bass guitar tutorial is all about how to play the two main grooves found in the song and how to stamp your own personality onto it by adding fills.

Tomplay Play Along Software

The software I played along to in the cover is amazing. It's called Tomplay and it has hundreds of songs on it. You can mute the bass guitar on the backing track and then play along to the TAB or notation.

It's a great practice tool and I'll be featuring it in upcoming video lessons.

If you want to try it out for 14 days for free, click this link.

Good Times ii V Dorian to Mixolydian Bass Exercise

Good Times is in the key of D Major and uses the ii and V chords (Em7 to A7).

That outlines a very funky sounding chord progression where the Dorian and Mixolydian modes fit. 

Here's a nice little exercise you can use to memorise the sound and patterns:

Good Times (Chic - Bernard Edwards)

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