Bass Gear Reviews, Demos & Tips

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6 KILLER Bass Effects [Boss Katana Bass Amp]
15 Pro Bass Guitar Gear Tips
The 5 Bass Gear Items I get asked about the MOST
Getting Different Tones From A MusicMan StingRay
My Bass Practice Secret Weapon
10 Tips For Superior Bass Tone
My Bass Guitar SIGNAL CHAIN (It Might Surprise You!) + Tips For Your Bass Recording
Advantages Of A 5 string Bass (you can’t do these on a 4 string)
5 String Bass: What You NEED To Know!
What Bass Guitar To Buy (+ The Different Types Of Bass)
What Bass Do You Need For Funk/Rock/Pop/ Blues/Jazz?
How To Recreate The Tony Levin SLEDGEHAMMER Bass Tone
How To Get A Great Rock Bass Tone
How To Get A Soul/Motown/RnB Bass Guitar Tone
How To Play Bass (A Bit…) Like Bernard Edwards
How To Record World Class Bass Tone (Home Studio)
Vintage Bass: Fender vs MusicMan vs Rickenbacker vs Gibson. Which One’s Best??
Acoustic Bass Guitar – What Does It Sound Like & When Would You Use One?
1 Bass 9 Different Tones!
The 4 Basses I Use The Most (Out Of 19!)

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