10 Tips to figure out Bass Lines by ear

At the beginning of this bass lesson, I say that this is the number one skill to learn bass and improve your musicianship.

Imagine being able to take any bass line and quickly learn it without the need of any help from YouTube, or TAB sites.

It is possible and it's actually quite easy! That is, after you put some time in learning the skills.

Here's the process I'll show you in the lesson:

  1. Find the first note
  2. Assemble the puzzle: Relative Pitch
  3. Find The Key & Chord Progression
  4. Tone/Touch
  5. Note length
  6. Beat Placement
  7. Map the song out
  8. Hooks & Riffs
  9. Choose the right songs to learn
  10. How to master playing by ear

Lauren - Men I Trust Bass Line

This is the bass line I demo in the video. A couple of subscribers put me onto the band I love it! When you listen, get used to rewinding, pausing, humming the note and gradually piecing everything together.

Easy Songs For Bass Players!

Make sure you choose the right song to learn by ear for the level you're at right now. Here are a load of songs that contain great bass lines:

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