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There are 4 essential lessons in this course: How to Find Notes On The Bass, 3 Points on The Fretboard You Should Know, Octave Patterns and Joe Satriani Exercise. This course is for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of the entire bass guitar fretboard. There are patterns here you will use for the rest of your life.

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How To Find Notes On The Bass

All the best players know their way around the bass neck. This lesson will teach you how to find ANY note acroos the entire range of the bass fretboard. Prepare to make complete sense of your bass!

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Three Points On The Fretboard You Should Know

Learn three points across the fretboard you can use as anchor points to quickly identify surrounding notes.

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Joe Satriani Note Learning Exercise For Bass Guitar

Learn how to quickly find ANY note anywhere across the entire bass neck.

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Really Useful Octave Patterns

Octaves are used in bass lines all the time and also act as beacons to highlight notes all over the neck.