Tips & Tricks For An EPIC Bass Solo

There's something about the chord progression in this bass tutorial that sounds...EPIC!

I think it's the use of a particular mode - the Mixolydian - which gives it a triumphant, cool vibe. 

I'm about to show you what that funny-sounding scale is all about and how you can take that little collection of notes and turn it into gold.

Make sure you scroll down for the free PDF and backing track.

Mixolydian For Bass!

The Mixolydian mode is the fifth mode of the major scale. So, really, C Mixolydian (the key of this piece) is just the notes of F Major, just starting on C:

C D E F G A Bb C

That's why it has a Bb in (because F Major does).

Here are the shapes for you to play around with.

I have tons more lessons just like this one on my site so have a look around! If any of this stuff has gone over your head, you need to learn the fundamentals. My course From Beginner To Bassist could help you with that.

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