Tapped & Artificial HARMONICS On Bass Guitar (With Chord Progression)

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I love harmonics on bass guitar; ever since hearing Jaco's Portrait Of Tracy I was utterly hooked. Victor Wooten really took up the baton and elevated what's possible and Michael Manring is also a master. I recommend you give those guys a listen but also learn the basics so you can decide how you want to use them in your playing.

This video lesson shows you how to play tapped and artificial harmonics on the bass. These are slightly more specialised techniques than your standard natural harmonics. If you want to learn 27 bass chords using harmonics, check out the lesson in the link below and also download a copy of my free Bass Resources ebook which contains all the diagrams (link at the bottom of this post). Also scroll way to the end for a couple more related lessons.

Using Harmonics On Bass Guitar

Your basic technique and touch needs to be on point to play these devices. Here are some related lessons for you to work on:

Learn To Improvise A Bassline Using Harmonics

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Left And Right Hand Checklist

Remember to download the book (below) for some more harmonic chord shapes you can use.

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