RnB, Soul & Motown Style Basslines

RnB, Soul & Motown Style Basslines
Master the Grooves of The World’s Greatest RnB, Soul and Motown Bass Players

Get inside the grooves and techniques of the coolest bass players ever recorded!

RnB, Soul & Motown Style Basslines is your complete guide to mastering the essential skills of Soul bass guitar. You’ll learn 100 grooves in the style of 16 legendary bassists, mastering in-the-pocket playing and growing your vocabulary of bass riffs, licks and techniques.

Discover 100 RnB, Soul & Motown Grooves for Electric Bass

This is much more than a simple book of licks, you’ll go on a journey with some of the most innovative players ever to pick up the bass. These are the players who literally discovered what makes an amazing bassline.

You’ll nail the groove styles of:

  • Early Soul & RnB pioneers Lloyd Trotman and Bernard Odum
  • Memphis Soul and Stax – Lewie Steinberg, Donald “Duck” Dunn, Tommy Cogbill
  • Motown– James Jamerson, Bob Babbitt
  • West Coast Motown – Wilton Felder, Carole Kaye, Scott Edwards
  • Philly Soul – Ronnie Baker, Jimmy Williams
  • Atlantic and Muscle Shoals – David Hood, Jerry Jemmott
  • Chicago Soul & Chess Records – Louis Satterfield, Willie Weeks
The Recipe for a Perfect Bass Groove

We all know a great groove when we hear it, but what makes it so compelling? In this book, seasoned session bassist Dan Hawkins teaches the essential techniques needed to create an array of memorable grooves. Electric Bass skills you’ll learn include:

  • The “breaking the rules of music” trick Bernard Odum used for James Brown
  • How to create solid memorable riffs that make a tune
  • Mastering syncopation in the style of James Jamerson
  • How to lock in with a drummer
  • Where to use articulations such as hammer-ons, pull-offs and slides
  • Essential arpeggio and scale patterns
  • The ideas that fuelled some of the greatest basslines in recorded history
Get Your Bass Groove Playing Up to Scratch

There’s more! RnB, Soul & Motown Style Basslines also teaches you how to nail the perfect Soul Tone in its “Gear Talk” section. You’ll even discover how to recreate classic tone with modern gear.

100 Fantastic RnB, Soul & Motown Style Basslines

Each section of the book profiles several legendary Soul and RnB bass players and explains how they created their iconic basslines.

Bonus 1: As well as a FREE download of 100 studio quality audio examples, we’ve created a special Spotify playlist of essential tunes to get you in the groove.

Bonus 2: Studio quality backing tracks will help you perfect your skills and get your playing super-tight

Buy RnB, Soul & Motown Style Basslines today and quickly start making that sweet Soul music!

RnB, Soul & Motown Style Basslines

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