How To Make A Pop-Rock Bass Line

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This song was recorded entirely remotely b the Studio Rats for the launch of Universal Audio's new Luna recording system. 

I've been doing remote recording sessions for over a decade and you learn how to create interesting parts that fit a song. After a while you develop the skill of coming up with bass lines, fills and solos really quickly. 

Check out the video for a full song breakdown and loads of tips on how to make up your own bass lines.

Here's the song in its full glory.

For loads more on how to create bass lines, fills, and solos, browse the lessons below.

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  • Hi Dan, hope all’s well,the band is awesome and you should be very proud.The song is good and dynamic with a great arrangement.The singer has some lungs.All pros in this group.
    You peaked my interest with the Bison bass so I searched it and it’s interesting.I heard it in the videos and on some demos and it gets a bunch of sounds from the 3 pups.Were Burns any good? He sure made some wild designs.
    Take care and thanks as always for the lessons.


    • Thanks, Kevin. It’s a lot of fun playing in this band! Check out some of Dave Richmond’s work. I think they were fairly under the radar basses but the 3 pickups make them versatile. I definitely want one…


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