Breaking Down PENTATONIC Bass Fills

The pentatonic scale is a five note wonder of music used by bass players in hundreds of amazing bass lines, fills, and solos. In this video I break a few fills down for you so you can see how you can use them in your playing.

For a full rundown on the major and minor pentatonic scales and more ways you can use them, watch these lessons:

The Major Pentatonic Scale For Bass Players: Play Great FILLS, SOLOS & BASS LINES!

The Minor Pentatonic Scale

Scroll down for the PDF and drum loop for this lesson.

To play pentatonic fills convincingly, first you need to know the shapes inside out. Here are the A Minor and C Major pentatonic shapes. Notice that they contain the same notes - they are related.

Good technique allows you to get around the bass and bring the notes to life. Articulations sound especially good with pentatonic scales.

Here's the drum loop I used in the intro for this lesson.

Practice playing around with the patterns, first without the drum backing then with (or you can use a metronome). Don't forget that playing with great timing and feel should be one of your biggest goals.

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  • Absolutely great 1 experience for me coming across your lessons. I’ve completely given up trying to learn bass but you have given me hope. I absolutely love the bass guitar but have struggle for many years trying to learn . Thank you for giving me hope . To try again

    • Thanks so much for the comment Joe and please don’t give up. As you say, it’s a wonderful instrument. If I can help, let me know. There should be a few lessons on my site that will get you up and running again but let me know if you need anything.

      • Yes absolutely Dan you can use my testimony. Please do there so many people out there like me , that love the bass guitar so much. I been struggling to learn bass for bout 10 years and just couldn’t get a good understanding on how to become a good bassist. It frustrated me a lot. I just gave up , but then I came across your lesson and it has given me a total different outlook on learning bass . That makes me really happy. Thanks so much Dan. Joe

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