Make Up & Memorise Bass Lines REALLY Easily

Do you want to make up your own bass lines and figure out bass lines by ear? Then you need to watch this bass guitar lesson all the way through.

I introduce you to a visual pattern on the fretboard then show you how you can make up bass lines from that pattern. Learn how to gradually moving from roots, to fifths to more notes that will make your playing sound sophisticated and complete.

Bass lines are made up of scales, triads, and arpeggios so the more you know the better. Here are some more lessons to look at:

Bass Guitar Theory Lessons

One you have some scales down, you're going to need to work on your rhythms:

Bass Guitar Groove/Feel/Timing Lessons

I'm about to hit you with a gross generalisation but a great bass line is made up of some cool notes organised into interesting rhythms. The more scales, triads, arpeggios and chord progressions you know the better. Once you have the more common rhythms down, you will be able to call upon bass grooves at the click of a finger.

Remember to listen to your favourite bass lines. The more mature and trained your ears are, the easier it will become to know exactly why something sounds so good. That kind of insight will spark a lifetime of musical discoveries that you can make on your own without having to rely on anyone else.

This will be invaluable to you. 

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