I Show You How To Construct A Bass Line

Let me show you step by step how to create a bass line from nothing. Well, not nothing; rather I'm using scales, articulations, and playing around a chord progression. You'll be doing the same by the end of the lesson when you can practise using the backing track and shapes below.

This follows on from my lesson demoing bass fills using the same backing track and chord progression:

How To Nail Your Bass Fills (Smooth Transitions)

Know What Key You're In

This is essential. If you know the scale the song is based on then those notes are your palette for you to create music. The chord progression below is in F Natural Minor.

Bass Guitar Chord Progression in F Minor

I recommend watching this lesson which explains the natural minor scale in more detail. 

Harmonising The Natural Minor Scale: Play Bass Lines, Chords & Solos!

Here's the F Natural Minor scale for you to study. One octave and then across the whole neck.

One Octave F Natural Minor Scale - Bass Guitar

One Octave F Natural Minor Scale

F Natural Minor Scale BASS GUITAR

F Natural Minor Scale

F Minor Pentatonic Scale 

This set of shapes will give you a lifetime's worth of fills, solos, and bass lines!

F minor pentatonic (relative scale of Ab Major)

Bass Technique

None of this will come together without solid bass technique and good timing. To work on these areas, I recommend my book Creative Bass Technique Bass Exercises.

Creative Bass Technique Exercises- 70 Melodic Exercises to Develop Great Feel & Technique

Start slow with this. Use root notes with a simple rhythm and then build up, adding fifths and octaves. Make sure you know intervals inside out so you can add a few in.

Then you can use the F Natural Minor scale and the F Minor Pentatonic scale to link up the notes in the chord progressions smoothly (and play fills). Here's the progression again:

Bass Guitar Chord Progression in F Minor

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