How To Spice Up A Simple Bass Groove

What do you do when you're playing a bass line, want to add a little pizzazz to it, but don't know what to play??

This bass guitar tutorial will show you how to add spice to your bass lines in the form of:

  1. Rhythms
  2. Bass techniques
  3. Scales

Scroll down for the free PDF and backing track.

Make your bass lines sound amazing!

Use the backing track below to play the simple bass groove found in the PDF below.

Then, follow some of the advice in the video lesson above, using:

Just remember to keep the basic groove intact. Just add some flair in every now and again and your bass lines will sound brilliant!

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  • Hi Dan, fabulous lesson spicing up those grooves. Since getting into Soul, RnB and Motown, I’ve done a similar thing to Brick House by the Commodores. Mainly, sort using articulations, until it comes to the section…”take it down take it down now” I leave the main line after the hammer on, and jump to the C, and this sounds abut weird but it fits… hammer on to the C, 1/4 bend it and sort of pop it all at the same time. It vibrates and rings out, just as your index finger is about to hit the A to start the next phase, mute the C with your plucking hand.
    A small step, nothing up to your standard, but it’s having the knowledge to try these things out.
    Cracking lesson. Thank you. Keep groovin’ my friend

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