How To Play Bass With Taste & Groove

As I write this in the first week of 2024, I'm on a major quest to improve my bass playing. I think it's really important to define what good bass playing means to you and what kind of a bass player you want to be.

For me, it means:

  • Impeccable timing
  • Creative note selection
  • Tasteful playing
  • Amazing bass tone
  • Accuracy and fluidity

By thinking about this, I know what I need to work on. I also know I have a lot of work to do!

This bass tutorial was written to give you some ideas in your own bass playing. Make sure to scroll down and download the free backing track and PDF for this lesson.

Cm / Gm / Bb / F Backing Track + Useful Bass Shapes

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  • Hi Dan, loved this lesson. I am trying to find where to download the backing track and I do not see a download button. Would you mind directing me to the download?

    Thank you!

  • Hi Dan,

    I really enjoy your lessons. Got a couple of your books and the online Funk course, which I need to get back too. Thanks!

  • Hi Dan

    I go through every one of your lessons and try to apply in my playing. Every day is a school day as we say and every day we learn a little more.

    Many thanks

    • The audio bar has three dots on the right hand side. The PDF has a download ‘button’ on the top bar. If you have a browser where those are not showing, send me an email ( and I’ll send them to you.

  • Love your melodic backing tracks. They give us something to really dig into our techniques without worrying about speed.

  • sorry but i dont understand…….. first you say this backing track is in the key of Bflat… i would of thought it was in C…. then if i understood correctly… for example… when the chord is playing in the key of G ,, i could play fill ins in the key of Bflat… sorrrrry again but i just dont get it… what am i missing here

    • You’re missing or getting confused with a few things, Tom (not to worry! It can be confusing at first).

      It can’t be in the key of C because that key has no sharps or flats plus there’s a C MINOR chord in the progression, not C MAJOR. So that rules C Major as a key out.

      This key – Bb major – has these notes: Bb C D Eb F G A. Bb Major and G Natural Minor are related keys ( and contain the same notes. G Minor is G A Bb C D Eb F (see how that’s the same notes as Bb Major just starting from a different place?).

      You might be getting chords and keys mixed up. A key is basically a scale. That scale (major or minor) produces 7 different chords (

      This chord progression takes 4 chords from the key of Bb Major. Since it’s related to G Minor, that’s why G Minor or Bb Major ‘fits’ over everything. Hope that helps…

      • hey dan thanks for taking the time.. thats amazing of you. yes i better understand,, but it also confirms that i need to put some study time in…. i would like to buy your course lifetime… but i am a little leary about my card on internet… i can send u a cheque to a post office box address if ok with you… and you can give me access to the course once you cash it in…. let me know if this is ok…….

        • Study time is key, that’s for sure! I need to put more time into my own bass playing this year. Unfortunately I don’t think I can accept cheques where I live and I don’t have a PO box. If you email me ( we might be able to sort something out…

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