Pro Tips To Make Your Own Basslines Up

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In this video lesson, you'll learn how to play a simple pop chord progression and build your own basslines up from simple to more sophisticated. If you don't really know how to figure out your own basslines and make great sounding grooves then this lesson is for you! Using rhythm, notes from the scale, and intervals, you can make up creative, melodic basslines in no time at all.

A great way to practice bass is to work on your groove by playing along with a metronome or drumbeat.

This drumbeat is recorded by top UK pro drummer, Jon Howells.

Download this pop drumbeat (108BPM):

Root Notes

The lesson starts by building a bassline from root notes (the lowest notes in a chord). Using eighth notes provides a solid foundation.


Intervals are used in basslines all the time and using them on each chord provides a little more interest. Start to alter the rhythms a little and you break out of just playing root notes which can get a little boring (although often it is just what is needed!).


One of the bass player's best friends, octaves are so simple but so effective in basslines. Used in conjunction with the root and fifth, using octaves gives you loads more options.

These are five really useful octave patterns


This line is in the key of A minor. This is very important to know as the notes contained within this scale are going to be the ones you use to connect the chords and create fills, hooks and melodies. This is where the serious stuff happens and you can start to create really professional sounding basslines.

Used in conjunction with fantastic groove, timing and feel, these devices will make your bass playing sound much more like your favourite players. Check out more bass guitar lessons here.

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