9 Rhythm and Blues/Soul Bass Patterns

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Old-school rhythm and blues and soul bass lines are so awesome. The video lesson covers nine incredibly useable patterns (not just for these styles but also blues, pop, funk and rock). Be sure to download the free PDF and backing track below.


Learn these patterns inside out and then get to work transcribing as many basslines as you can. You will hear these shapes at work time and time again.

Be sure to watch the video lesson to get the explanation of the note choices.

Soul Motown Rnb Funk Bass Guitar Patterns
Soul Motown Rnb Funk Bass Guitar Patterns 2
Soul Motown Rnb Funk Bass Guitar Patterns 3


The bass solo on Voices Inside (Everything Is Everything) from Donny Hathaway Live is a lesson in this style of playing. Willie Weeks gives a masterclass in note choice, phrasing, soloing, tone. Learn this and you'll go a long way to cracking soul bass playing.

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