Bass Improvisation Over Two Chords: Solos, fills, triads, arpeggios scales & bass lines!

This one's an epic lesson packed into under fifteen minutes.

Here's what you'll learn (and where it appears in the video below).

  1. 01:13 A dark minor chord progression - Am/C#m
  2. 01:39 A Melodic Minor and C# Natural Minor scales
  3. 01:54 Simple triad/arpeggio exercise
  4. 03:24 Melodic phrasing - adding the Major 2nd interval
  5. 04:09 Making up bass lines
  6. 06:23 Scale exercises
  7. 09:08 Bass solo!

This lesson works with the free backing track which you can download below (along with some scale shapes).

Am to C#m Bass Guitar Backing Track

Melodic Minor & Natural Minor Shapes For Bass

These are the two scales that work over each chord.

They're not related but they combine to create an interesting, dark but beautiful vibe.

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