Watch Me Build 9 Funky Grooves On The Spot!

Jon Howells is a drummer I've played bass with hundreds of times. He's a groove player with wonderful feel.

I was lucky enough to get him to play one hundred drum loops for my book 100 Funk Bass Grooves For Electric Bass

In this bass lesson, I take one of those loops and make up nine bass lines on the spot. I'm aiming to:

  • Be creative!
  • Play in time with accuracy
  • Use scales to craft lines
  • Have fun

I'll show you exactly what I do to make these bass lines so that you can do the same too.

To download the drum loop and scale shape PDF, scroll down.

By the way, if you ever need a drummer to record one of your projects, Jon's your man! He's brilliant and highly professional.

Funk Bass Drum Loop (119BPM) + Bass Scale Shape PDF

Simple download this loop then import it into your DAW (I use Logic Pro but they all allow you to loop). Then set the project to 119BPM and cycle the four bar loop or click the loop button. That's what you do in Logic. Other software will have very similar functions.

Funk Bass Resources

  • 100 Funk Grooves For Electric Bass. This book contains one hundred funk grooves in the style of the greatest funk players of all time. It includes some backing tracks as well as one hundred of Jon's funky, amazing-sounding drum loops.
100 Funk Grooves for Electric Bass
  • Funk Bass Course. This course takes forty of the lines from the book above and I break down in depth each line. You will learn about the technique, theory, tone, and the essence of funk bass.

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