You won't improve if you don't practise. It really is as simple as that. Except it's not right? There are so many complex forces at play when it comes to habit-forming and there's no more important habit than a practice routine working on the most important areas for you. These lessons will help you.

20 Beginner Bass Guitar Tips You Can Use Now

20 Tips For Bass Players (Beginner/Intermediate)

If you’re new to the bass guitar you need some direction. In all honesty, there are loads of things that you don’t need to know now and a few things that are absolutely essential. This guide has no waffle and nothing in it that you can’t use in your bass playing. So without further ado

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3 Practice Mistakes And How To Fix Them

3 Practice Mistakes & How To Fix Them

Not having a clear plan, not being consistent with your practice, and only playing what you know over and over again. These are three very common mistakes and this video lesson shows you how to combat them. For the practice checklist mentioned in the video, go here. For a load of essential things for bass players

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100 Pro Tips To Improve Your Bass Playing

100 Pro Tips To Improve Your Bass Playing

I get lots of questions about how to do various things on the bass guitar but, the reality is that there are lots of areas that come together to make you a great musician. This guide contains one hundred ideas that will make you a better player. Save this post, give it a good read

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Recording Studio Tips & Etiquette For Bass Players

Ever wondered what it’s like to record in a proper studio? One thing’s for sure: once you’re in there it’s a different world. There are rules, politics and expected standards of behaviour that you need to know. It’s a terrible shame that many studios have closed down – mainly due to the rise of the home

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Eight Tips For Bass Players To Get And Keep Gigs

You’ve been playing a while and you’re pretty good and you figure you can make a living from your bass playing. With more and more (good) musicians coming up and probably fewer live/studio gigs than ever, how do you compete for, get and keep gigs? If you want to earn a living as a full-time professional

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How To Develop And Keep A Music Practice Routine

I’ve taught hundreds of students over the years. I noticed that most had a passion for the instrument and a general desire to be really good. The number of students who actually committed to a routine was surprisingly low. In other words, most people love the idea of being good at something but they’re not

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