My Bass Guitar SIGNAL CHAIN (It Might Surprise You!) + Tips For Your Bass Recording

Your signal chain is the path your bass audio takes from you through your instrument all the way to the listener's ears.

It's important to know what gear you need and how to use it. Don't worry, it's actually quite simple once you learn a few principles (HINT: gain structure).

In this video, learn about my YouTube bass guitar signal chain. What basses, cables, DIs, A/D conversion, computer and DAW do I use?

Find out here. Along the way I'll give you loads of ideas to improve your bass tone.

My Bass Guitar Signal Chain

  1. It starts with a well set up, buzz-free bass guitar.
  2. I use Evidence Audio and Providence cables.
  3. The bass goes into an Avalon U5 and/or a Jules Monique preamp.
  4. Those signals go into a Universal Audio Apollo 8.
  5. That goes into my iMac and records to Logic Pro X.
  6. I don't use compression or EQ. It's all about setting the correct gain structure so there's no disgusting digital distortion.

Pretty simple really! You can get cheaper versions of every link in my signal chain.

Don't obsess over gear. The barrier to entry into home recording and live playing is very low with so many great manufacturers creating affordable gear.

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