1982 Ibanez Roadster PRE MODIFICATION (Great Bass, Terrible Sound!)

When you buy a bass you shouldn't be swayed by looks. Play the thing and if you love it then that's the one. I don't particularly like the look of this 1982 Ibanez Roadster bass guitar but I fell in love with it after playing it in the shop.

The neck is fast and extremely playable with a profile and radius that make playing it a piece of cake. Watch this video, however, to see and hear the flaws it currently has. As I type, it's on the workbench of expert luthier James Gay and he's going to fit new pickups, re wire it (volume, volume, tone, tone ----> volume, blend, tone, tone), file down the bridge screws and give it a set up.

It's amazing what you can do with a cheap bass! At least, I hope it is... Subscribe to my newsletter so you get the update of the 'after' status of this bass. I'm hoping it turns out as well as I think it can.

Modify Your Bass Guitar

There are various things you can do to a cheap bass to make it play better, sound better, and feel better. The first thing is to understand what makes up a bass guitar setup and learn how to do that yourself. 

Then, find out what you can modify on your bass to improve tone and playability. You'll want to watch this video to give you some ideas:

Common Bass Guitar Modifications – Upgrade Your Axe

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