The 4 Basses I Use The Most (Out Of 19!)

When I'm not creating bass lessons for YouTube and this website, my day job is professional bass player. I have been a working bassist for seventeen years (give or take a pandemic) and have been actively recording remotely online for over ten years.

I've recorded over one thousand tracks remotely and, coupled with the live work, I've played a handful of basses more than others. That's due to how popular and familiar their sound is plus how comfortable I am with them.

The video explains my thoughts then you can scroll down to hear them in action.

MusicMan StingRay 5

This is my workhorse and has played the most gigs since I bought it in 2003. The fifth string makes it a versatile instrument suitable for pit band work, covers bands, and any style that requires below E notes.

Here it is in action on a Studio Rats song.

1978 Fender Precision

This bass changed everything for me. It was my first serious bass after years of playing a 5 string Warwick (which I loved! It got stolen sadly...) and the MusicMan above. Producers and artists are used to this bass and feel reassured by its presence. 

It's the most recorded bass of all time and sits within a mix particularly well. If you want to record for a living, you need a decent P (not necessarily Fender)

Here it is on a Katie Melua song Shiver and Shake. I played with a plectrum and some overdrive was added during mixing.

This is how it sounds without overdrive.

1978 MusicMan StingRay

This bass has punch and attitude and I use it a lot for funk and rock (it sounds great with a plectrum). Here's an old and very blurry video with some fingerstyle funk.

1982 Ibanez Roadster

This bass was a very happy accidental purchase when looking for a cheap bass to use for YouTube videos. It's becoming one of my favourite basses and I've used it on a couple of sessions too.

Learn more about it here:

1982 Ibanez Roadster PRE MODIFICATION (Great Bass, Terrible Sound!)

Part 2 – 1982 MODIFIED Ibanez Roadstar (Great Bass, Great Sound!)

My Cheapest & My Most Expensive Basses! Which One’s Better??

Here it is in action:

I do use my other basses too, just not as much! But I love the bass and I do want a few examples of the classic bass tones. Mainly to play and use as it's my living but also because everything about the bass still fascinates and enthrals me, including all the incredible gear.

If you're interested, here's a playlist with some more music I've played bass on.

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  • The basses all sound great and your chops are first rate.I’m kind of surprised you didn’t make the list a top five and add the Pino fretless.

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