15 Pro Bass Guitar Gear Tips

These fifteen tips will help you whether you play on stage, in the studio, or practice shed. They range from technique tone tips to pedal and gear advice.

Here are the tips you'll find in the video below:

  1. The felt or foam mute is where it's at!!!
  2. Angle your small amp upwards or raise it
  3. Use a wide strap
  4. Loop your cable around your strap
  5. Active battery memory aid
  6. Look after your cables
  7. Learn to setup your bass *
  8. Consider a 5 String
  9. Get a Fender bass
  10. Carry the correct tools
  11. Use a blend pedal live for overdrive
  12. Use a loop pedal
  13. Try a short-scale bass
  14. Experiment with different strings
  15. Play on the fat side of the plectrum

* These are the best two guides on the internet I've seen about how to learn to set up your own bass:

If you want more bass guitar gear tips, check out some of the lessons below.

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