If You Want Me To Stay [Bass Breakdown Ep. 4]

Rustee Allen's bass line on Sly & The Family Stone's 1973 hit If You Want Me To Stay is one of the best ever.

Red Hot Chili Peppers covered the song on their 1985 Album Freaky Styley and this week's bass lesson focuses more on Flea's version.

In this bass guitar tutorial, you will learn how to play it and how to add your own tasty bass fills. This is a wonderful bass line to jam on your own with a funky drum loop.

Scroll down for the free TAB/notation and drum beat for the lesson.

If You Want Me To Stay - one of the best bass lines ever!

Here's Rustee Allen's original bass line.

This is Flea having a go. This one is in the key of A minor and is easier to play along to.

If You Want Me To Stay Bass TAB & Drum Beat

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  • I really like rhcp but the original from Sly is so much smoother, like de-hydrated coffee and a proper espresso, thanks Daniel, super value as always.

  • Hiya Dan
    Thanks for this groove… it’s so cool
    The tone on your bass is superb…a lovely growl !
    Over the past few days…all morning… I have been absorbed in your funk book and the backing tracks…by the process of osmosis they are starting to absorb into me ha
    It’s definitely my favourite genre Dan
    I sort of shelved the book… metaphorically…whilst I was in the early stages of learning… but now I am getting most of them under my fingers quickly… except for some of the slap numbers…still practicing slap… getting better now with the muting and the attack of my pop is getting less brutal ha
    I have told myself… instead of getting into a mad noodling fest… instead, I will keep on playing the grooves in your funk book… it’s such a treasure trove of information… respect!
    I’ve got your funk playlist on my Spotify as well.
    Have a good day fella

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